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Our treatment philosophy

In TOSHI’S PHYSIOTHERAPY, your qualified physiotherapist first thoroughly assesses your present condition, such as pain, range of motion (ROM) of joints, muscle strength/length, nerve function, functional limitation, posture, mechanism of injury (MOI), and general health that might influence your physiotherapy sessions.

We perform acupuncture (dry needling) for trigger points (TPs) treatment, massage to improve metabolic rate, joint mobilization for spinal adjustment. In order to maximize and make a consistent treatment result, we utilize advanced medical equipment from Japan.
Except the case of injury, symptom such as pain/sore or stiffness is a result of body imbalance that could be caused by a muscle weakness, an altered neuromuscular control or posture. It is very important to look at the life style that may aggravate your symptom, how you perform in certain movement, posture, muscle weakness, and etc. to expect improving the symptom and maintain your health.

After treatment
On your first few sessions, you may feel lethargic, dull and more soreness after treatment. Don’t worry, this is called healing crisis, which is triggered by the improved blood flow and metabolic rate from our treatment. If you are concerned, please talk to Toshi.

How many times and how often should you receive treatment?
It is said that to see a good treatment result, five to six sessions are needed, although depending on your presenting condition. One session may take the soreness/pain away from you, however body imbalance would come back quick then pain might come back again soon. After your body’s condition is back to baseline, we strongly recommend you see us once every three or four weeks to maintain the good condition.

What you should do after treatment?
Improved blood flow and metabolic rate will make you feel tired. Drinking alcohol and smoking will make you feel more tired. So please try to avoid them as much as you can the day after treatment.
Please follow the advice/instruction, such as a life style modification, prescribed exercise and posture practice at least in the treatment period to maximize treatment effect.

To make our time efficient, our treatment is operated by appointment. Please make sure you make another appointment at the front desk or phone at least two or three days in advance.
We do not accept same day cancelations, which could affect other patients’ appointments, unless there is a reasonable reason.

If you are unsure
Please contact us. We are more than happy to discuss with you.

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